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Your need: Rather than developing as a result of a coherent strategic plan, many IT environments have emerged haphazardly over a long period of time in response to immediate short-term needs. Organizations now find themselves struggling to manage a hodgepodge of platforms, cost structures, and financing arrangements. Much of the operation itself is now unwieldy and outdated. Maintenance is complex, difficult, and increasingly costly.

How DBR can help: Our industry experts can analyze your existing IT environment and put it into the context of your future needs for equipment and capacity. As a result, we can help you achieve cost savings by updating, standardizing and replacing equipment. We can help you avoid the widespread tendency for companies to make one-off decisions at the wrong time with vendors. We are uniquely capable of helping you not only make wiser, more economical procurement decisions, but to do so in a way that builds a relationship with vendors that will yield results now and in the future.


Your need: Three common mistakes prevent companies from fully capitalizing on the savings potential of enterprise license agreements. One is to give insufficient weight to the interests of the vendor in the timing of the decision. The second is to enter into too many agreements with too many vendors. The third is to expose themselves to financial loss by being insufficiently attentive to compliance.

How DBR can help: DBR consultants are expert at helping you consolidate and simplify your technology environment and negotiate license agreements that achieve the greatest economies possible through bundling. We can help you streamline the software platforms you operate on, reduce the fragmentation of your software solutions, and achieve greater consistency and the cost savings that go with it.

We will help you install mechanisms to not only track your deployments, but to make sure you are fully exploiting the number of installs you are entitled to. We can help you make sure you are in compliance with license provisions. If by chance you are not, we can help you settle with a vendor on the most favorable terms, and as quickly as possible, because the longer a dispute lingers, the more costly it becomes.

Network and Telephony

Your need: Having a multitude of vendors delivering a variety of services with an assortment of pricing structures – perhaps around the globe – results in fragmented technologies, inconsistent levels of support, redundancies, and lost opportunities to economize. Equipment that was added on as-needed basis has become obsolete. But, despite its age, leases have been repeatedly renewed, meaning that you are paying each month for equipment that is fully depreciated when you could be paying less and have new gear to boot.

How DBR can help: Our experts can help you bundle services, reduce the number of vendors you deal with, get more from the ones you have, and have them guarantee minimum levels of cost savings. We take a comprehensive approach in planning your overall spend for voice and data. When we review your existing equipment, contracts and lease structures, it is highly likely that we can help you upgrade, save money, and add new capabilities all at the same time by addressing an integrated financing and maintenance approach within an evergreen strategy.

DBR is uniquely qualified to help create opportunities with creative deal structuring to best fit your capital and expense budgets. We are able to leverage our legal partners to restructure existing contracts to allow for early exit and to structure more favorable agreements going forward.

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