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A strong governance process is central to managing an IT organization. It is even more critical as you outsource some or all of your non-core IT processes. The task becomes complicated when you have multiple sourcing arrangements, which result in complexity, as interdependencies form between work and accountability. A strong governance function for each relationship – and across all relationships – is simply not optional.

Governance Function Design, Implementation and Support

Your need: A full governance function includes performance, financial, contract and relationship management processes. Few organizations possess the in-house ability to adequately perform these functions. Attempting to go it alone often results in serious delays, significantly higher cost, and exposure to unforeseen risk.

How DBR can help: We don’t believe an outside firm should supplant your in-house resources. Instead, we will help you design and implement your governance function, coordinating and augmenting the abilities you already have. We offer one-time services and can supplement your team on an as-needed basis to support contract governance, modification, fiscal management, and dispute resolution.

Governance HealthCheck™

Your need: A well-managed governance process includes regular review and management of your provider contract. Although many organizations actively manage service delivery, few are completely familiar with the provisions in their contract. Fewer still are able to protect the contract benefits and objectives for the duration of their contract term. This results in hidden costs and the risk of key implementation objectives being missed.

How DBR can help: DBR will assess your current objectives and goals against the contracted obligations contained in your agreements. We will help you proactively identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement.

The Governance HealthCheck™ identifies financial, operational, managerial and contractual issues. It concludes with a specific, actionable set of recommendations that will help you address potential issues and capitalize upon potential opportunities.

Vendor Management

Your need: You entered into relationships with service providers in anticipation of achieving specific benefits. But, as your organization continues to evolve and refine its strategy, you need help continuously managing those relationships to ensure that the benefits achieved align to your evolving business and strategy.

How DBR can help: Our approach is to create a collaborative process that balances the needs of your key stakeholders with the capabilities and responsibilities of your service providers. In any implementation, there are critical junctures where project, technical, and financial considerations intersect. In successful implementations, there is a clarity and common sense of purpose at those junctures. That is what we will help you achieve. Starting at the baseline of reasonable expectations and mutually-understood requirements, we will ensure that the core strengths of providers are aligned with your critical requirements.

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