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Standardization, Consolidation & Virtualization - Cost Efficiency

Your need: The data center is a sprawling amalgam of equipment from different manufacturers that has accumulated over time. Downtime is increasing, maintenance costs are rising, and none of the systems are being used to their full potential, as each server tends to be dedicated to a specific application.

How DBR can help: Our highly experienced consultants can help you understand your cost structures from a broad perspective: the hardware, software, and the applications. We can help you achieve cost savings through simplification, standardization and consolidation.

With our expertise in re-platforming, we can show you how to standardize and simplify. Your systems will be interoperable, meaning that you can move traffic and volume among servers, and have fewer hardware difficulties.

Our approach to virtualization will help you to get more workload on each server by moving workload among virtual and physical machines. As a result, you will be able to reduce the number of servers you need and the maintenance that goes with them, while creating redundancy and a virtually fail-safe environment.

With standardization, consolidation and virtualization we can transform that confusing IT sprawl into a coherent well-oiled machine with fewer interfaces, less complexity and efficient use of capacity. This means you will be able to have newer machines that require less maintenance, reduce floor space, use less power and cooling, and cut downtime and maintenance costs. About the only thing that will increase is your ability to help the enterprise meet its business goals.

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