DBR Outsource Contracting Advisory

Small mistakes at the beginning of a project tend to become big ones at the end. An outsourcing contract can be a blueprint for a productive relationship or the recipe for a painful one. More than any step in the process, experience and expertise determine the outcome.

Your need: The contract that is finalized needs to be straightforward, clear, and understandable. In addition to enabling the successful launch of an implementation, it must serve illuminate the path for the future relationship of you and your providers.

How DBR can help: We know what needs to be in an outsourcing contract – the big points and the fine ones – to protect your interests and ensure success. We have unique expertise in working with finance specialists and attorneys to structure the deal in the most favorable way possible while focusing on the points that matter most. We have deep experience in negotiating both contractual and operational terms and conditions. We can also guide you through the potentially tricky waters of due diligence, and prepare a board package to bring the transaction to a conclusion.

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